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La Cherry Luxury Medical Aesthetics, LLC



Why We LOVE Mandelic Acid!!!

Posted on 4 February, 2018 at 0:55


"This gentle, yet POWERFUL alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) is effective in treating a large range of common skin conditions and laser treatments. Mandelic Acid is derived from bitter ALMONDS. Studies have shown that mandelic acid is successful in suppressing pigmentation, treating cystic acne, and rejuvenating the overall appearance of the skin. Not only does this beautiful acid help brighten the skin but it is also functional in prepping the skin for laser peeling, and helps minimize the risk of micro bacteria growing on the skin after surgery. ( Ask your aesthetician, nurse, doctor for this phenomenal treatment before and after any invasive treatment!)


We could go on and on about how amazing this treatment is, but for now here are a few reasons why we LOVE mandelic acid:


Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles improve with just ONE treatment.

Controls pigment and lightens dark pigment (VERY effective in treating

Great treatment for non-inflammatory cystic acne

Laser Resurfacing pre/post treatment

Mandelic Acid peels in combination with VITAMINS have multiple benefits that include antibacterial effects, improvement of photoaged skin, acne, abnormal pigmentation control, and skin texture. Another added bonus of our beloved mandelic acid is that it is SAFE ON ALL SKIN TYPES!


Happy peeling!


Your Xtetic World Aestheticians"

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